There’s a Lot to Consider When it Comes to Choosing Marijuana Strains

Having the right grow facility, lighting system, security system and financing all in order are all wonderful things, but you can’t possibly have a successful cannabis cultivation business without the plants! The strains of marijuana you choose have an effect on everything from the time it takes to grow your plants to the effect your customers will eventually enjoy when they consume the plants. Choosing the cannabis products to grow in your business is no small matter, and there a number of things you’ll need to think about before making the final decision.

What to Consider When Choosing Cannabis Strains

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help you determine what strain to invest in for your business:

How much space is there to grow?

The size of your grow room, as well as how the lights, fans and carbon filters are laid out, should be a major consideration when shopping for strains. You need to make sure that there’s plenty of space between your plants and the light to avoid heat damage. For instance, you don’t want tall, lanky plants if there’s not enough space between your lights and your plants.

How much time does it take the plant to flower?

Different strains of marijuana flower at different times. Some strains will flower in as few as 50 days; whereas, others can take up to 85 days to flower. Can you afford to wait to harvest your crop for a strain that takes more time to flower?

What experience does the end user want?

Think about the people who will end up consuming your cannabis down the road. Are they looking for a high that helps them relax and feel carefree? Or are they looking for relief from anxiety, chronic pain or another condition? Some strains are high in THC, which is the main cannabinoid that creates the “high” effect of marijuana. Other strains are high in CBD, which is another cannabinoid that gives marijuana its medicinal properties, but doesn’t leave the user feeling stoned or high.

What is your preferred growing technique?

There are many different techniques for growing cannabis, including tying plants down, snapping stems, super cropping, using a screen, topping, mainlining and fimming. Some strains grow better using certain techniques than others. If you already have a preferred technique that you’ve found to be cost effective, then you’ll want to do research on the strains that grow best using that method.

What kind of look or smell are you looking for?

Different strains of marijuana can look, smell and feel strikingly different. For example, sativa strains are tall and grow into long buds. On the other hand, indica strains grow short and into dense buds.

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