Security is Essential for Every Grow Facility

The estimated value of the cannabis market is expected to grow to between $20 and 35 billion by the year 2020. With so much money on the line, there is a lot at stake, and everyone in the industry needs to take steps to keep their product, and their employees, safe and secure. This is an especially difficult task for the cannabis industry because it is still federally illegal, which forces businesses to run off of cash.

Staying in Compliance

The State of California has many regulations regarding security in cannabis businesses. Not only do these regulations apply to dispensaries, but also to companies that manufacture, test, distribute and transport cannabis. Here are a few of those regulations to keep in mind:

Video Surveillance

Every licensed premise must have a digital video surveillance system. This system has to have clear resolution — 1280 x 720 pixels — with transmission control protocol that can be accessed via the internet 24/7. These cameras must be placed in the following areas:

  • Any spaces where cannabis is stored, packed, weighed, loaded and/or unloaded.
  • Any areas with restricted access.
  • The exits and entrances to the premise (from both internal and external access points).
  • The security rooms, as well as any rooms where recordings are kept.


You’re probably already fully aware of the fact that your facility needs locks. But, in order to stay in compliance, it will need non-residential, commercial-grade door locks at all entry and exit points. It is also recommended that you install alarmed lock systems.

Security Systems

Three-fold security systems are required for all facilities. These systems must include a camera to monitor the property, an alarm system to prevent unpermitted individuals from accessing the premises — it must be a system that can be reacted to promptly — and security personnel who maintains an active American Red Cross First Aid card, and who is compliant with the State of California.

Keep in mind that security regulations may be different for certain license types, so make sure to do your research about what’s required for your license.

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