Choosing Your Medical Grow Site and Setting Up Your Grow Operation

If you choose to invest in a marijuana production facility rather than setting up your grow operation on the property of a retail store, it’ll be a little easier to get started. The benefits of choosing a more remote location, like our medical grow facility in Needles, include security, increased logistics and more opportunity for future expansion.

Growing Indoors vs. Growing Outdoors

One of the biggest things you’ll need to determine when choosing a medical grow site is whether you want to grow indoors or outdoors. Many cannabis growers swear by growing indoors because it allows for a more controlled environment, but this doesn’t mean that an indoor facility is necessarily your best option. We’ve compared both options in terms of three key areas: cost, quality and energy efficiency.

  • Cost – One of the biggest disadvantages of growing indoors is the costs associated with it. Indoor grow facilities simply require more equipment, and don’t forget about the electricity you’ll need to actually run all of it. On the other hand, outdoor grows require substantial start-up investments as well, but they aren’t quite as expensive to maintain over time, thanks to all of that free sunlight. However, you have less control over the environment with outdoor sites, and it’s important to consider the costs associated with damage to your product caused by environmental risks.
  • Quality – Because indoor marijuana plants don’t have to put up with hail, rain, wind, snow and other environmental issues, they tend to be more attractive and have stronger aroma profiles and flavors. But, keep in mind that pests can flourish in indoor grow sites if pesticides and fertilizers aren’t used correctly. This is because there are no natural predators, such as wasps, ladybugs and ants, to keep mites away. With outdoor grow sites, there’s a lot more uncertainty, which typically results in plants that aren’t as attractive. When plants are given the proper nutrients and attention, and they are given enough time to cure properly, you can, however, achieve similar results.
  • Energy Efficiency – In this day and age, energy efficiency is one of the most pressing things on many consumers’ minds, so it’s an important thing for businesses to consider as well. In terms of energy efficiency, indoor growing can’t compare to outdoor growing. Indoor grow sites require constant monitoring of the lighting, humidity levels, etc, and that takes a lot of energy. Outdoor grow sites rely on the sun, and that’s 100-percent free. You also won’t have to worry about your carbon footprint!

There are pros and cons to both indoor growing and outdoor growing. While indoor growing gives you a lot more control over the environment and, therefore, the finished product, indoor grow sites cost more and require more energy to maintain.

Regardless of what kind of grow site you set up, you need to find the right cannabis cultivation property, and that’s where we come in. Contact us at Deer Park Development today to learn about our marijuana property for sale in Needles.